I base business out of my home and recently moved far away from my service area. Now I’m not showing up in Google search. Need help bad

Please pm me if you can give me information on the following. I run a small plumbing business, currently claiming the business out of my home location. I recently moved from the cities I service, to a rural town 30 miles away(zero local business opportunities). On Google business I stupidly verified 'Google my business” address to my new home, via the Google postcard. Now when you search the cities I was servicing, my company doesn't show up at all. I used to come up on the first page or two. I get 95% of my clients through Google searches. I didn't realize the search issue until recently, after my business started not to get any inquiries. I'm now screwed if I don't get more clients soon. I know this is all because of the local business search, and my move. I've already tried the by the book seo suggestions without success. I already understand a lot of marketing tips i can do to improve my seo. I've been doing them- add words, reviews, tagging the service location with pictures on Facebook etc. I also clicked “do not show business location” on “My Business” and I put the locations I service on the “service location” part. None of these have worked to improve my seo. I'm not looking to get sold on on some marketing or seo company. I'm looking for an outside the box way, a loophole or hack that can change my location back to my main service area city. Im not necessarily comfortable using a virtual business mailbox. I know they're banned on Google and think it would be too easy to get caught. I've noticed a lot of my competitors have them and I hope they get caught. I also have no friends or family in the service location, to receive the postcard. I'm not saying I'm opposed to breaking the rules but, I'd just like to find a way that would be hard to detect. Is there anyone who can help me with this with any loophole? My entire livelyhood is on the line right now. I could lose everything. You are my savior if you can. Thanks for reading. submitted by /u/sporksbeatforks [link] [comments]

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